Clipper's Organic Decaf English Breakfast Tea

Clipper Organic Decaf Teas.jpg

It is not easy to find a decaf organic english breakfast tea! A couple of years ago we were searching and searching and finally found one on a trip to the UK. It was in a charming box on the shelves of the Notting Hill Whole Foods Market. The company that make this tea is called Clipper and funnily enough they are based only thirty five miles from where Dave grew up. 

Sounds of the Teapot

NPR did a recent feature on their show New Sounds that was all about sounds from the kitchen. Obviously our favorite had to be the song titled 'Totally Steaming'! This is a recording from sounds that you'll commonly hear from a teapot. Fast forward the music player above to 1:30 and start listening to this great recording by Andy Statman.

To-Go Flasks


To-go flasks are a tea necessity, especially in a city like Manhattan where it's go go go. Two of our favorite flasks are pictured above. The flask on the left is very light and the outside ridges prevent the cup from getting too hot to handle. We found that one at Whole Foods. The flask on the right is the Thermos brand and we've had it for a number of years now and is still going strong. It keeps the tea hot and sealed very tight, Dave often takes this one to work.

We love to hear about your what tea flask your using right now.

Happy Brewing,

Dave & Sarah

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